Preseason Sale

$60 for 120 Ride Tokens

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Sale FAQ

What is our Pre-Season Ride Sale?

It is our best deal of the year- ride tokens for ½ price! Purchase as many packages as you would like April 1st – April 30th.  Package includes 120 ride tokens for $60. (Tokens are normally $1 each)

How do you purchase the packages?


Purchase online here and you will receive your order digitally through an email. Bring that email to the park once we are open for the season to redeem to the tokens and put them on a card

In person

Packages are available in the arcade during normal operating hours Click here for hours.

What is the 2019 Souvenir Cup?

It is brand new Fantasy Island refillable tumbler! Bring it back during every visit this season and receive refills for just $0.75! If you purchase your packages online before April 15th, you will receive a FREE Souvenir Cup for every 2 packages you purchase!

How many tokens does each ride cost?

Click here for details  

Do tokens expire?

No, tokens never expire!

Can I use tokens in the arcade or for the outdoor games?

No, tokens are valid on Rides only.

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