Check out how our cards, tokens and redemption points work in the park.


Ride tokens are $1 each.

When the ride operator swipes your card, it will first use any tokens you may have on it (either from our annual ½ price sale or if you had any tokens from previous seasons that we added to a card for you). If your card just has dollars on it, it will automatically debit the card $1 for every token.



Fantasy Island Amusement Park is run on a digital card system for all rides, games and attractions. All cards are reusable can be loaded at any kiosk, ticket booth or the arcade counter.

Cards are universal and can be used on any ride, game or attraction (except for the tokens purchased during the ½ price ride sale or tokens from past seasons. These tokens are valid on Rides ONLY!)

Any redemption points you earn in the arcade will be loaded directly on your card. You can even combine cards to save them all in one place!

If you have redemption points or ride tokens from previous seasons, please bring them in and we will happily convert them to digital credits for you! All Ride Tokens will be converted to be ride credits only. All redemption tickets will be converted into the same amount of digital redemption points on a card.

Cards, Tokens and Redemption Points never expire!

Already have a card from the park? Register your card now so if it is ever lost or stolen, we can help replace it! If your cards are not registered we will not be able to assist you.

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Purchase a card and receive bonus dollars!

Purchase a $50 card, Get $5 free
Purchase a $75 card, get $10 free
Purchase a $100 card, get $20 free

Military Discount

Military Discount

All Members of the Military Ride Free with Military ID
plus you may purchase up to 4 additional Unlimited Ride Bands for $10 each.


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